Half Day & Sunset

Embark on a half-day cruise exploring the captivating islands of Sivota, revealing turquoise canals and secluded paradisiacal beaches. Commencing at Mavro Oros, marvel at its lush landscapes and historic lighthouse, capturing memorable moments at Papanikoli’s Cave.

Sail leisurely through the Diapori Canal towards the famed Blue Lagoon (Pisina beach), an idyllic setting for snorkeling amidst a vibrant aquatic realm and capturing breathtaking sunset photos.

Continue towards Bella Vraka, renowned for its Riviera-like exotic beauty, offering captivating vistas during the sunset hours. Discover isolated beaches with crystalline waters before concluding your journey with a delightful sunset-themed experience cruising back.

corfu sunset 2nd

Destination :  Sivota Islands
Duration : 5 Hours
Total Distance : 40 miles
Time to Sivota : 45 min.
Recommended time : 4pm – 9pm


Professional Skipper & Hostess

Fresh Fruit-salad

Greek wine