Premium Touch


Our journey commences at Lakka Harbour, situated in the Northeast of Paxos, providing an opportunity to relish the pristine waters and admire the traditional architecture. Subsequently, we proceed to Paxos's rugged west coast, exploring the expansive caves and indulging in snorkeling activities within the renowned Blue Caves.

Continuing our voyage, we venture to Antipaxos Island, presenting a chance to swim at Voutoumi Beach, acclaimed as one of Europe's top 10 beaches, including a visit to a secluded private beach. Navigating through the narrow Kaltsonisi canal, guests will witness the awe-inspiring cliffs enveloping the yacht.

Our anchorage is at Loggos Harbour, where a delightful lunch at Vasilis Taverna awaits. Here, patrons savor dishes crafted from Greece's finest ingredients. Throughout the day, our private skipper and hostess will ensure your contentment, offering beverages, snacks, and attentive care. Please note that our itinerary can be tailored to suit your preferences.


Destination : Paxos – Antipaxos
Duration : 8 Hours
Total Distance : 70 miles
Time to Paxos : 60 min.
Recommended time : 10am – 6pm


Professional Skipper & Hostess

Finger food (meat & cheese platter)

Fresh Fruit-salad

Greek wine, Beers, Refreshments



Snorkeling gear

Beach towels